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Onyx Gold Cuff

Pairing black and gold create the drama of a classic old Hollywood glamour! This high-contrast piece feature an oval Onyx with 24k gold plated band cuff that feels both classic and retro at the same time. Charlene K Black Onyx CuffFree shipping on all domestic orders!

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Charlene K Dual Druzy Gemstone Rings

Charlene K Dual Gemstone Rings There are reasons why people make rings with multiple gemstones, it is believed that a combination of gemstones with special powers in the same ring, increases the effectiveness of the gemstones. A simpler reason is that, gemstone rings with multiple gemstones can match with a variety of colored garments. Our gorgeous adjustable [...]

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Cuff Up! Add Color to your Fall & Winter Wardrobe with Charlene K Gemstone Cuffs

A fall and winter wardrobe does not need to be boring with dark colors. You can enjoy color in your outfits all year long! This is how fashion should be! Charlene K Natural Gemstone Statement Cuff is an easy color pop. Big bright gemstone cuffs can lighten up your attitude and outfit! We carry a wide [...]

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Charlene K Turquoise Gemstone Silver Cuff

Turquoise has been used for jewelry making since 5500 BC. In Ancient Egypt, turquoise jewelry was worn by some of the most prestigious pharaohs in history. Queen Zer and King Tut were among the Egyptian royalty whose mummies were discovered to have included turquoise jewelry.Turquoise jewelry has a certain charm [...]

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Charlene K Rare Gemstones Jewelry at www.TruFashionistas.com

Tis the Season for Big, Bold Gems in Vibrant Hues! Colors and patterns are everywhere this season. Choose a fun color to add that extra pop to your outfits.  Charlene K Gemstone Statement Pendants and Cuffs are an easy color pop choices! Free shipping on all domestic orders! Charlene K Fashion Jewelry with Rare Gemstones: Druzy, Agate Stones, Amber [...]

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Charlene K Onxy Gemstone Collection

Onyx is a form of quartz, one of the mainly common minerals in the earth.The stone comes in different shades and hues, varying from red to black. However, the most popular type of onyx is the black onyx.Onyx jewelry creates a style statement that is truly unmatched; it goes with every outfit and on every [...]

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Nothing Can Add Oomph to your Wardrobe like Charlene K jewelry!

Women and Jewelry: Let Your Jewelry Do The Talking! Charlene K's 14K Gold Vermeil Short and Long Necklaces sparkles softly and complements any outfit. Charlene K Long Necklace: http://www.trufashionistas.com/14k-gold-vermeil-mu... Charlene K 2 1/2" Hand Hammered Hoop Gold Earrings: http://www.trufashionistas.com/single-circle-hoop-...www. Charlene K Stackable Rings: http://www.trufashionistas.com/multi-color-set-of-... www.TruFashionistas.com

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Silver Fever at Charlene K

Designer Silver jewelry is the most popular among the modern segment of jewelry across the globe. With their metallic bright white feel, lustrous and shinny aura, Silver jewelry finds its place on high in the segment of new age jewelry. Charlene K Silver Long Necklace:http://www.trufashionistas.com/14k-gold-vermeil-do... Charlene K Sterling Silver Earrings: http://www.trufashionistas.com/single-circle-hoop-... www.TruFashionistas.com

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Charlene K is on sale at www.trufashionistas.com

Welcome!Metal we use: 14K Gold Vermeil | 14K Rose Gold Vermeil | Sterling SilverWebsite: www.TruFashionistas.com    |   Email: flo@TruFashionistas.com

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